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1 For 1 Buffet Singapore Pte. Ltd.

If you are searching for delicious buffets that will give you great deal then you can easily find them all listed on our website. In fact, be spoilt by the choices here! Look around our website and drop us an email if you require a more comprehensive list of offers available.

Latest Update!

Be amazed at the latest deals that 1 for 1 Buffet offers for our customers. A huge variety of foods will be available at the most affordable deals. You won’t want to miss this opportunity so approach us, simply drop us an email for the list of 1 for 1 buffet places in Singapore.


Satisfy your appetite with those exceptional hotels and restaurants which offers 1 for 1 buffets with endless choices of food variety. This will certainly satisfy everyone who is craving for delicious foods at great prices.

Our Services

All services are provided by expert and exquisite restaurants with reputable chefs. Each restaurant and hotel is different has a distinguishable and delectable menu. Most of them have great taste of local as well as the international cuisine.


On this website, we meticulously collect information on all the 1 for 1 buffet deals in Singapore so you take advantage of these offers to try out sumptuous buffets. Due to the number of overwhelming buffet offers that are available each month, we have reserved the complete listing for those who would email us to ask for one copy. :)

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Do you want to join the real adventure of serving great food to people? Then apply to one of our reviewers or customer relations officers today. Send in your resume to us via email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Restaurants and hotels are dishing out 1 for 1 buffets every month for their marketing campaigns. Our website lists down a complete list of these restaurants or hotels and present them to you at no cost. Simple drop us an email to ask for a complete listing or reserve your seat at these restaurants directly through us.